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Seasonal Switch-Er-Roo Faux Floral Centerpieces

If you don’t know by now, I love home décor! If I’m being honest, one of the reasons I love that we have four seasons in Canada is for a good excuse to change up my home décor. I also love shopping. So shopping for home décor and adding new pieces to my home is one of my favourite things to do. Having said all this, I don’t like to spend exuberant amounts of money on home décor and I am mindful of where I’ll have to store all of my seasonal décor in between seasons. Therefore, I try to buy key neutral pieces that can stay out all year round and then switch out smaller seasonal pieces to change things up.

One of the easiest ways I change up my home décor throughout the seasons is with faux floral arrangements. I typically get my faux florals at Michaels because they have good deals and a wide variety to choose from. Sometimes I buy single stems that I like and other times I buy their pre-done arrangements, it all depends on the type of arrangement I am putting together. For example, I have quite a few vases throughout my home that I just stick seasonal stems or pre-done arrangements in, and call it a day. But I also have a couple floral arrangements that I like to have a bit more fun with. These are more like the small, long and low ones that you put on your coffee or dining room table. I like to call these my switch-er-roo floral arrangements.

Essentially I buy a neutral base, usually wood or metal, fill it with floral foam and then use faux flowers to make my own arrangement. The key is to create a base of neutral florals, such as greens and white florals, and then leave a few open spots for seasonal flowers that you can easily switch out. I usually find it easiest to use the pre-done seasonal arrangements at Michaels for the switch-er-roos as they usually come with a good variety of florals and greenery that complement each other. Once I have selected my pre-done arrangement(s), I take wire snippers and remove each single stem from the bunch, this way I can play florist and put each piece in the arrangement just where I want it.

Now that I’ve done this for a couple years, I already have a selection of stems for each season that I just store in separate bags. They don’t take up much room at all! If I really like one of the seasonal arrangements I make, I’ll simply take a picture of it so that I can easily replicate it next year. But what I personally love is that I can use a lot of the same stems over and over again because depending on where I place them each year, my arrangement always looks just a little bit different. That way I don’t have to worry about getting sick of my décor, which is often my problem. I like to constantly switch things up!

I find this little décor hack a lot more cost effective and easy to store than buying a separate floral arrangement for each season. When you get sick of your stems you can always buy a new pre-done arrangement to freshen things up. It will likely be a lot more cost effective and less wasteful then buying an entirely new arrangement. Side note: Michaels usually always puts their seasonal décor, including florals, on buy one get one 50% off or they have their 40% coupons so I usually don’t have to pay full price which is awesome.

Here are some pictures of the seasonal swtich-er-roo arrangements I have done in my home over the years. I typically use the same arrangements for spring and summer. As you can see, the base is really the same, I just simply change out a few stems to change things up for each season.

Fall Faux Floral Arrangement Winter Faux Floral Arrangement Spring/Summer Faux Floral Arrangement

Fall Faux Floral Arrangement Winter Faux Floral Arrangement Spring/Summer Faux Floral Arrangement

I hope you found this little décor hack helpful! If you end up trying it out, please let me know how it goes.

Until next time,


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